von Weise Associates, LLC

311 W. Superior Street
Suite 216
Chicago, IL 60654

Phone: (312) 337-5511

Services Provided

New Building, Interior Design, Restoration/Preservation

Residential Building Types

Single Family, Multi-Unit, Mixed-Use

Commercial Building Types

Mixed-Use, Office

About Us

Who we are: von Weise Associates is a group of talented and motivated architecture professionals committed to excellence in design. Our focus is to create a uniquely simple yet universally appealing design, positioning our clients for the future while effectively achieving their goals for the present. The foundation of our philosophy is to develop a collaborative relationship with each client. We believe that the best approach to ensure excellent design is a rich dialogue during the design process, streamlining our clients’ objectives in a direct manner. As a team, we have successfully applied this strategy to a diverse body of work ranging from custom residential projects to corporate offices and high rise building renovations. What we do: From the beginning of every project, the talents and perspectives of the entire firm are employed to generate a broad range of creative ideas. Multiple design options are explored in an open studio environment in which clients become directly involved. By reviewing and helping to refine various design options, clients are empowered to directly inform the project with their unique perspective. We find that this collaborative approach -an expansion of ideas early in the project - allows us to more directly apply the principles of the project to all aspects of its execution including the smallest of details. Who are our clients: Our clients are as diverse as our projects, yet maintain one consistent theme: they are forward looking, discriminating individuals and organizations who embrace change and want to reflect this in the environment around them. Together, we actualize this goal. What we will do for you: von Weise Associates executes this design approach through the aggressive use of technology and the innovative creative strength of our design professionals. We provide a proficient and highly talented staff - educated and imaginative - with the most contemporary design tools. Our team is flexible, enabling us to acclimate quickly to each projects’ challenges. In short, we offer fluidity by adapting to the changes which are the realities of our clients’ worlds and which impact our discipline. The dialogue is simple. The process is collaborative – ensuring you, the client, of our experience, unique vision and accessibility to fulfill your need for an extraordinary project.