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Services Provided

New Building, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Construction Management, Remodel, Restoration/Preservation, Planning/Urban Design, Green/Sustainable Building, Universal Design/Accessibility

Commercial Building Types

Mixed-Use, Retail, Office, Industrial, Healthcare

About Us

As a team of creative problem-solvers, we collaborate across disciplines to develop integrated, sustainable places. We maintain our consistent record of award-winning work with a focus on a few core principles: INNOVATION ACROSS PROJECT SCALES – There is no project too small (or too big). Every project is an opportunity to make meaningful places. FORWARD OUTLOOK – Working across a range of project types keeps us fresh, ambitious and open to new ideas. We bring insights from different building types to bear on new challenges – often with breakthrough results. COLLABORATION ACROSS DISCIPLINES – There is no single voice but rather the best ideas rise and are embraced by all to be carried forward - and everyone owns the result. CHALLENGING ASSUMPTIONS – We are both stewards and agitators. We recognize and honor context and history, while challenging assumptions about what should be versus what could be. MENTORSHIP – Is an important investment in continuity and our future. We engaged all team members in the design process with responsibility and ownership – similar to a design studio environment. Our continued success is a result of our commitment to design excellence everyday with every project, and our respect for and engagement with our clients and the stakeholders for whom the work is done.